Food & Drink


During your stay, why not treat yourself to a beautiful meal at Grooms at the Ranch. Enjoy a seven-course menu in the idyllic setting of the Grooms Cottage building from 1882.

Kildare Town also offers a wide range of eateries, including Hartes Kildare, Cunningham’s Bar, The Silken Thomas and Saba at Kildare Village. For time out with a coffee & a treat, Square Coffee, Firecastle & Agape are worth a visit.

Batoni’s at Emo is a short 15-minute drive from The Stables and offers modern and Irish Italian Food.

For information on reservations please do not hesitate to ask your host.

Local Pubs

Close to the Stables you will find a choice of traditional Irish Pubs. Choose from Brennan's bar on the Dublin Road and Mooney's on Main Street.

Both are traditional charming Irish pubs serving a wide range of beers, spirits and stouts.

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